Glorious Bihar

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Glorious Bihar

Glorious Bihar – Very soon this world doesn’t need any sunshine or moonlight to get light because slowly slowly bihar is distributing its glory to make our country proud. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India was sparked from Bihar. Bharat ratna Ustaad Bismillah Khan was from Dumraon in Bihar. The first Indian author in English was Deen Mohammad from bihar. Siddharta Choudhary who has been shortlisted in 2009 for Man Asia Literary prize for his book day scholar was from bihar. We are glowing in the field of IT, infrastructure too. Every bihari have hard working nature in their blood itself. Though their dedicated behavior in their professional life they make their superiors happy and take the owner of reward from them. This attitude make them success in their career. Bihar’s economic growth has become a moment of crisis for other states, who have for long fuelled their growth on the backs of the low-paid Bihari workers. Just take a small example In February2009, Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena attacked Bihari workers and drove them out of Nasik. Little did Mr. Thackeray know that these workers, many employed in the construction sector, weren’t going to return. With the conditions in their home state improving, the workers from Bihar no longer needed to risk life. The end result was that Nasik’s construction business landed in a tight spot on account of scarcity of workers. Bihar’s economy is turning around, and it is no longer merely in the realm of government documents. The changes are now becoming visible on the ground. And the turnaround is impacting other states as well. In Punjab, small farmers are finding that the traditional Bihari farm labour is no longer easily available