Who has failed in Bihar!

65% Students have failed in class 12th exam in Bihar. There is doubt on merit of those who have passed, including that of toppers. This sounds plane & simple, but this is not so.

I too had Music as a subject till class 8th while I was studying in a CBSE school at Patna. Mostly I used to get good grades in it, but I was never aware how to hold a harmonium correctly. Media never came to question my grades. So, is it media who has failed to do uniform reporting?

Or the Bihar Secondary School Examination Board has failed? Topper appeared for class 10th & 12th examination at the age of 40 to be eligible for applying for government jobs once again. He did so because youths in Bihar do not have any income option other than government job. He got arrested for doing that. But what about Examination Board officials who have topped him without merit? And other discripencies, like math student passed in Bio. JEE qualifier scoring 1 mark in Physics.

fail bihar

Or Bihar Government itself has failed? for not having education as its priority, for not ensuring competent officials and transparent system in education board. And above all, it has failed to provide a society, where degree (whether it comes with or without merit, whether it come legitimately or illegitimately) shall not be mandatory to earn basic minimum livelihood. Few years back a photograph went viral wherein Bihari Youth’s where risking their life to cheat in class 10th examination. What message it gives? Is a class 10 pass certificate worth risking life? Why Bihari youth are forced to do so? Why not others are forced to do so? Answer is scary. Youths in Bihar must have class 10 or 12 pass certificate, so that they can apply for Class 4 Governement Job. This is a complete failure!

For me, everybody else has failed in Bihar except Bihari student who have time and again proved that they are still brightest of the lot.

By Harsh Martand
Tweeter handle – @harshmartand