Medical education programme commemorating International women’s health month by Indian institute of health education Patna

Indian institute of health education under the patron ship of Dr. Anil Sulabh organised one of its kind continuous medical education programme commemorating International women’s health month on March 29th, 2018. In this CME“Physiotherapy for Women Health”, organised by Dr. Anup Kumar Gupta (P.T.) and Co-ordinated byDr. Darshpreet Kaur(P.T.), Dr. Khalid(P.T.), Dr. Navneet (P.T.), various renowned dignitaries were invited to share the importance of women health in their respective fields.

Physiotherapy for Women Health

Dr. Monika Anant, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, AIIMS Patna shared with audience the prevalence and degree of disability caused by urinary and bowel incontinence problems among women and role of Physiotherapists in managing them to provide a better quality of life.
India has around 30 to 32 million neurologically impaired patients and a significant proportion of it is women. Dr. Gunjan Kumar, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Neurology, AIIMS Patna, enlightened the audience with gravity of these diseases.He also emphasized the importance of early diagnosis, treatment and importance of physiotherapy in conditions like stroke and migraine to prevent complications and disabilities.

“Pregnancy is not a disease”, it is one of the beautiful journey and staying active in it is very important and essential for women. This concept was well laid and explained by Senior Physiotherapist, Dr. Reena Srivastava (P.T.), Department of Physiotherapy AIIMS, Patna. She emphasised the role of well trained Physiotherapist in prescribing right exercises throughout the pregnancy and after that to cope up with the demands of growing baby and keeping backpain, swelling etc. at bay.

“Strong walls shake but never collapse”! The importance of having strong muscles and doing regular prescribed exercises in preventing falls, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Urine leakage problems, Postural issuesetc., in women of all ages was shared by Dr. Darshpreet Kaur (P.T.), Assistant Professor, IIHER Beur, Patna. She emphasised the vital role of Physiotherapists in improving the health status of women of all ages with the help of timely interventions. Hence it is important to prescribe Core strengthening exercises to the patients at an early stage.

This CME was attended by over hundred delegates. The organising committee held a creative scientific topic presentation competition, which was won byAnshu Singh, Richa Rai, Khushboo Kumari, Surbhi and Mukund from 3rd year IIHER.

Chief Patron of CME and Director IIHER,Dr. Anil Sulabh& Organising Secretary Dr. Anup Gupta (P.T.) concluded the CME with a promise of organising more such awareness programmes at their institute in future.