Birbal Jha figures in world celebrity list

A US-based website ( which chiefly records the celebrity status of the who’s who from different walks of life across the world, has listed Madhubani-born Dr Birbal Jha as a celebrity. An author of repute, Dr Jha’s name has been listed in recognition of his efforts to advance the cause of education in India and the state of Bihar in particular.

Significantly, Dr Jha’s ranking on the website is close to famed British actor Blake Butler and American journalist Bonnie M. Anderson on the website. The recognition by an international website, that has categorised celebrities into actors, authors, sportspersons and suchlike, comes as a salutation to the dauntless spirit of a man who despite his humble roots took up the cudgels to take Spoken English skills to the remotest of remote regions in Bihar.

Dr Jha hails from a remote village, Sijaul in Madhubani district. Life presented an array of adversities to Dr Jha, who in turn, turned the tables on adversity itself. Bereaved of his father at the age of one, Dr Jha clawed his way to success by becoming a name in education to reckon with. The self-propelled Dr Jha, who at one time did not have the wherewithal to pursue his studies in Class X, managed to acquire a PhD degree from Patna University by sheer dint of fortitude and perseverance.

As a kid admitted to a village school, Birbal learnt the ABCs of the English language in Class VI. This was the same kid who grew up to write over 20 books catering to adult education and career orientation. His recent book ‘Celebrate Your Life’ is a masterpiece which intends to provide the impetus to the youths not just for personal growth, but also for a far better lifestyle.

Dr Jha is currently implementing Spoken English training to Mahadalit youths and downtrodden people of the state. “My aim is to take English to the doorstep of the poorest of the poor in the state,” says Dr Jha.