Patna Museum JADU GHAR आरकेयोलोजिकल म्यूजियम पटना

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Patna Museum is the state museum of Bihar. It was built by the British during the British Raj in the year 1917 to house the historical artefacts found in the vicinity of Patna. It is built in the style of Mughal and Rajput architecture. It is called the Jadu Ghar by locals.

It is a multi-purpose museum. The items on display include archaeological objects, coins, art objects, paintings, instruments, textiles, paintings, thankas, bronze images and sculptures and terracotta images of Hindu and Buddhist artists. It has a rare collection of paintings of British period depicting day to day life and a fine collection related to the first President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad.

The fossil of a tree said to be more than 200 million years old is on display at the museum. Also on display is a casket unearthed in 1958 by archaeologist A. S. Altekar at the Relic Stupa of Vaishali, which is said to contain the sacred ashes (relics) of the Buddha. Didarganj Yakshi is the most prized collection of this museum.
From November 2009, a new project has been started to build a new museum in Patna, so that more 15-20 thousands collections could be displayed. It will replace this museum as a state museum.

Patna Museum Timing – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Sunday Open Monday Close)

Entrance Fees –
Rs. 2/- for students who are in group
Rs. 5/- for students who have identity card
Rs. 20/- for general public
Rs. 100/- for visitors who want to see Buddha Cascade also
Rs. 250/- for foreign visitors
Rs. 250/- for Buddha Rally Cascade

Uniqueness of Patna Museum –
Recently introduced picture source daily at 12 Noon related to culture.

Upcoming new attractions in Patna Museum -
Information kiosk inside patna museum campus where people can see the museum in 10 minutes.

Some of the famous peoples visited patna museum in past –

Dr. Venkat Raman,
Dr. Abdul kalam Azad
Dalai Lama

Information Provided by Dr. Umesh Chandra Dwivedi
Additional Director of Patna Museum.

Interview of Patna Museum Additional Director Dr. Umesh Chandra Dwivedi

Patna Museum Lighting video

Patna Museum Archaeological Museum Patna Evening Lighting

Patna Museum

Patna Museum Video

Patna Museum Inside Video

Patna Museum Inside Video

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